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Piano Storage

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We provide a truly climatized environment for your piano. Our storage facility is heated in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. Your instrument will think it's home.


Every piano is blanket wrapped. Cotton lined blankets are carefully placed on all exposed finish areas. This prevents air born contaminates from prematurely aging the lacquer or polyester coating. The lid and fall board are closed. Protective material is placed between the music desk and front lid. The legs, pedal lyre and bench are all separately wrapped.


We seal all of our pianos in commercial grade stretch film. Without this added protection a piano is exposed to air borne contaminants found in all environments. We know of no other storage facility that takes the time or bears the expense of this ultimate form of protection.


Carpeted piano beds All of our pianos are placed on specifically designed piano beds for safe keeping. The legs, pedal and bench are wrapped separately for safe keeping


Our piano storage sanctuary is lit and secure 24/7. Your instrument is safely kept in the same building and environment we keep our pianos in. Your piano receives the same high level of care as ours.

Blanket wrapped: Every piano is wrapped in up to six moving blankets then sealed in stretch film to fully protect the finish. It is then placed on a specifically designed, carpeted piano bed for safe keeping. It's elevated to prevent moisture wicking. The legs, pedal and bench are wrapped separately for safe keeping

Piano servicing: Have your instrument cleaned and tuned before redelivery. Ask our moving team about this unique service

Piano Restoration:
There's no better time to have your piano serviced then when it's being moved. Out of your home servicing will save you time and money. A properly cared for piano is a family heirloom that can appreciate over time. Protect your investment.

Our Staff:  Our technicians are registered assuring you the highest level of piano care. You'll always get a written estimate detailing the work needed before anything begins. You chose the amount you'd like to spend whether it's just a cleaning and tuning all the way up to a full restoration. You're in charge. At Caruso Music there will be no surprises. All work is completed in a timely fashion with updates available via phone, fax or email.